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The Kitchen at Little Pond Farm was inspired by childhood memories of waking to the aromas of muffins baking, sauce simmering in immense pots, and the sight of fresh pasta, turned out by grandmother’s hand, drying over chair backs; by recollections of planting seeds with grandfather for a kitchen garden; of picking the vegetables and fruit that rewarded these efforts; and of cutting flowers each day for the family table. The life that we shared centered around the stovetop, and those rich culinary traditions became inspiration for all that we do here at Little Pond Farm.

Capturing these magical sensory memories, the inn’s Farm Kitchen program reflects the desire to nurture and nourish friends and family gathered around the cheerful table.

A guest list of accomplished chefs, cookbook authors and wine experts host classes that will add to your knowledge of simple, fresh and seasonal cooking.

Please join us to further shape your love of good food and wine.